Re: Ryuji Dupont Velour Black...Test

From: fotoobscura ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/17/05-09:02:04 PM Z
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FYI. All MIME types are RFC compliant. RFC204x, basically.

Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

>From: John Cremati <>
>Subject: Re: Ryuji Dupont Velour Black...Test
>Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 15:09:18 -0400
>> Well , the server passed this email just fine although the
>>email post did appear with the attachment icon............At this
>>point, I do not have a clue and to get his messages, I guess will
>>just have to read my spam mail to make sure I do not miss any of his
>Sorry to hear that you have difficulty but I think it's most likely
>related to the spam filter in your email server. My email system is
>rather strictly RFC-compliant and my emails don't have any MIME tags
>unless I use something that require them (using a non-Anglo language
>or attaching something). I also don't use forward function (which uses
>MIME) to respond to this ML.
>You might be able to add my email address to non-spam list. If there's
>no such thing, your address book may work as non-spam list. Or,
>sending me a short offlist email may register in your server that I'm
>not a professional spammer...
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