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From: Richard Knoppow ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/17/05-04:55:03 PM Z
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Subject: Ryuji Dupont Velour Black...Test

> I too have my OE setting to create plain text
> messages sent to the
> list........I also checked to see if by mistake he was
> blocked in any
> fashion and he was not......... The real issue is not the
> attachment but
> that my server picks up Ryuji 's posts as Spam before I
> get them........
> The real problem: ...... I think the real problem
> is that the
> emails being sent in the fashion of " forward as
> attachment" are being
> picked up as Spam , probably because of the chain of
> addresses formed with
> in the email .......... My guess would be the Spam Police
> probably reads
> this as broadcasting or chain emails...........
> How I am responding to this thread is how I
> suspect Ryuji is
> responding.........And that is "forward as attachment". so
> this will be a
> good test........Out side of that , I do not have a
> clue.......
> John Cremati
   There is something funny here. This message was received
as having a attachment. The attachment was a .eml file
containing my quoted post. Go over the settings in OE again.
I can't suggest which might be causing the problem but I
think the problem in sending and receiving is something in
the settings in your mail reader.
    I have Thunderbird on this machine and have been sore
tempted to switch over to it but am used to OE.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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