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John, Ryuji:

Ryuji's email messages appear just like all others as I receive them. I access my Comcast mail using Internet Explorer, both on my home computer and with other computers. Your software may be set to receive only text messages, in which case any background (i.e., stationary) images in an html formatted message would appear as a "paperclip" attachment. At least I have found this to be the case when I used "stationary" for my Outlook email at my day job, according to recipients of my messages without Outlook; when I set Outlook to only receive text, incoming messages with background patterns or other images had an attachment (the bgnd. image). I hope this helps solve the "mystery." JT

Judy Rowe Taylor
Mukilteo, WA
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> Ryuji,
>        I would like to make you aware of something....... I use Microsoft
> Outlook Express for my Mail................Your email posts to the alt list
> have always have  the  paper clip attachment   icon next to it..... I do not
> get this with anyone but you...........
>        Lateley the Spam Police from my server has been intecepting your
> posts and reading them as spam and trashing them...... My security settings
> are set at normal and again , you are the only list member that this is
> happening to..........
>        Does any other list member have this problem with Ryuji posts?
>        I really value your posts and would hate to miss any of them.....Are
> you sending your emails thru a 3rd party....?  Sometimes this  may be  a
> problem .......Are you using a preformated email and then replying to posts
> thru that?
> Best Regards,
> John Cremati
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> > Talking about DuPont remember Varagam it was the first multi
> > contrast paper.
> It might be that Varigam was the first variable contrast paper to be
> marketed in certain region, but Renwick of Ilford was the first one to
> invent variable contrast paper in 1930's. He chose to use fine grained
> high contrast emulsion sensitized with blue-green dye, while using
> faster, softer emulsion without dye. Today, most manufacturers make
> their variable contrast emulsions in a different way.
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