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Date: 07/15/05-10:28:19 AM Z
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The ratio that I gave you completely uses up the components and if you are
keeping you potassium oxalate acid ( as you should) a slight increase in
oxalic acid is a good thing, but your 130 to 125 seemed a bit high to me.
The mixture of 330g /1 liter provides a sp gr around 1.065 if memory serves
me well, but I'd check that before I used it. I can't seem to lay my
fingers on the data that I had in my notes. Too many years to notes with
too many computer crashes, files, etc. Maybe someone out there has it.


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Thank you Eric Neilsen,


You are right. I have just remade a test solution of 1 liter with
20%solution of oxalic acid and added 220g of potassium carbonate. Worked
quite fine, similar to my old original potassium oxalate solution. I
decreased a little bit the part of pot. carbonate on purpose, to be at the
acidic side.


Thanks again for your remark and help.



Mehmet Kismet

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