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Date: 07/14/05-07:12:36 PM Z
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On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Bob Maxey wrote:

>>>> The goodwill and public
> image that Kodak could generate with a "specialty spinoff" producing
> high quality B&W products would be tremendous. And folks, please
> don't think that it would have to make a profit - no "bottom line"
> stuff please; they could run it at a loss. Many large corporations
> give huge sums of money away on a regular basis in order to shore up
> their public image.>>>
> Do not confuse corporate charitable contributions with running a division at a loss to pacify a few die-hard paper users. If I am a stockholder, I want corporate profits.

I have not confused profits with charity. I believe, perhaps
incorrectly, that Kodak, given its' size and access to equipment and
technology, could PROFITABLY run a division manufacturing "Fine Art"
photographic products; perhaps as a spin-off corporation. I would
also point out that it is not abnormal to run a portion of a business
(esp. a large corporation) at a minimal profit or a loss if it
bolsters profits or market access for profitable portions of the
entity. Many restaurants take a loss on food in order to make a
profit on drinks. Automobile dealerships sometimes take a loss on
service in order to make a profit on parts or vice versa. For GM,
lending money to buyers brings in the profits, not car sales. I
suspect that Kodak wants the market to "go away" or would not want to
be bothered with a profitable company bringing in relatively small
returns when compared to its' company wide bottom line.

> You mention their "public image" but how do you know the public wants paper? I seriously doubt most people actually want B/W paper and care one bit the material has been discontinued.

I don't know Bob, but given the media attention given to "the arts"
especially in places with large markets I suspect Kodak would get lots
of bang for its' buck with a division manufacturing "fine art" products.

> Part of the problem is our love of Kodak papers and we do not like that, they are gone. I wish Kodak would reintroduce their 126 reflex Instamatics and the lenses; not to mention, the wide variety of films in 126. I want the Retina IIIC to reappear and the Cirkit cameras.

As I have stated before, I don't love Kodak papers - I have not used
Kodak paper products since they trashed Kodabromide and other paper
lines in the 70's; this after "killing" off competition from Dupont
and GAF using some rather questionable business practices if a "free
market" analysis is used. It is with some glee that I remember how
Ilford, almost overnight, clobbered Kodak's paper line while the
"Yellow Giant" sat back thinking they had the market locked up. Fuji
followed close behind.

Best -g
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