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Date: 07/14/05-04:06:37 PM Z
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Your proportions are not correct. You should use them at a ratio of 2 parts
Potassium Carbonate to 1.75 parts of Oxalic Acid by weight. I normally work
in lbs and oz for this mixture and 2 lbs Pot Carb and 1.75 lbs Ox Acid mixes
to make 1 gallon of solution. Off the top of my head, I don't recall the %
solution this makes.


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I need your help to know the amounts of oxalic acid and potassium carbonate
to get a solution of 33% of equivalent potassium oxalate. Actually I am
preparing potassium oxalate developer for Pt/Pd prints by mixing some
130grams of oxalic acid and 125g of potassium carbonate to have a total of
1liter of aquous solution. I feel that this is more dilute than 33%.

In the past I used to mix my developer directly with potassium oxalate at
33%, but now as I can not find it easily and at a good price, I prepare it
from pot.carbonate and oxalic acid.


Thank you for your valuable knowledges.



Mehmet Kismet
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