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>I'm about to try my first Digital Neg. Any quick advice. I have a 6 color
>Canon S820 printer and a Canon 4 color ip3000. I'm getting the OHP
>Transparency Film.
>I was in NY and took a digital picture of a turn of the Century welders mask
>at MOMA.
>Most likely I will do Cyanotype. Maybe gum later.
>Should I convert the color image to grey scale first? I know ther4e are
>curves you can apply. Do I then invert the image to print the neg? Or do I
>use some setting in Photoshop CS?

If you know how, use Channel Mixer to convert your color image to
grayscale. You'll have much better control over the conversion.

If you don't have a cyanotype curve handy, you should start with SOME
curve; the platinum/palladium curve will get you somewhat in the
ballpark. And of course, you have to Invert the image to create a

>When printing with a Digi neg, do you use the image side up (away from the
In your Print Dialog box there should be an option to "Flip Horrizontal"
or "Mirror." They both do the same thing: make your negative so you print
it with the ink side down, toward your printing paper. >

>Well thanks for some quick advice.

Good luck!


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