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Date: 07/14/05-09:34:36 AM Z
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I *just* had a major HD catastrophe on a server on Friday and I was able
to use Ontrack Easy Data Recovery (same website) to manually (and
laboriously, I may add) recover about *half* the data. If the drive
makes any noises, especially "clicking" sounds, don't even bother unless
you have a ton of time on your hands. I have recovered a ton of stuff
in recent years with that program. If the drive is overheating quickly
I have had success in freezing drives for 24 hours and then running
recovery software. You'd think the condensation would hurt it but they
survive somehow.

I'd buy the program before I'd send the drive to Ontrack, etc...As Gerry
said the prices are astoundingly high (read: low 4-digits) to recover
data and there's no guarantee. A lot of the time you can recover the
stuff yourself. And if you can't its not much more likely that they
will be able to do much more magic.

Good luck!

Gerry Giliberti wrote:

>To the person whose hard drive crashed: Here are some alternatives I read
>about in a NY TImes article today (7/14/05). But they ain't cheap!
>Here's the link to the article:
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