RE:Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued? News from Ilford at least...

From: Greg Schmitz ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/14/05-07:36:18 AM Z
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> The black and white division of Ilford is back full force, and making
> a commitment to continuing to provide chemistry, paper and film
> for future generations of traditional photographers. They are also
> putting forth a major research and development effort to continue
> to develop new products of interest to serious black and white
> photographers.

Kodak could do the same thing if it wanted to and it wouldn't even be
a blip on its' balance sheet. It (Kodak) could easily open a
specialty branch to cater to its' old (pre-1970) base. But, I
suspect, being the rather large bulky (read as not very creative)
company that it has become Kodak will plunder/blunder ahead concerned
only with huge profits no matter how derived. The goodwill and public
image that Kodak could generate with a "specialty spinoff" producing
high quality B&W products would be tremendous. And folks, please
don't think that it would have to make a profit - no "bottom line"
stuff please; they could run it at a loss. Many large corporations
give huge sums of money away on a regular basis in order to shore up
their public image.

-greg schmitz
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