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        If you shot your Kodachrome 25 with good optics, project them on a LARGE
white wall using a decent projector lens, and walk up to the wall you will
see detail and separation that you never see in reproduction. It is an
amazing film.

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What a great trip down the Kodachrome memory lane.

I've got thousands of beautiful Kodachrome 35mm slides from years past. My
21/4" Kodachrome transparencies, shot in the late 80's on my Grandpa's
Rolleiflex, are priceless. My Aunt Patty's wedding (early 1950's) was shot
on Kodachrome stereo slides. It was a absolute mind blower when I looked at
those pictures through a stereo viewer twenty years ago.

I lived for many years in North Haledon, New Jersey. Like everyone else, I
mailed my Kodachrome in for processing. It went to Fairlawn, less than
three miles away!. About a week later, I'd receive incredible slides in the

There will never be another Kodachrome. It's very sad to hear of its likely

Dave in Wyoming
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