Re: Silly little Kodak History question.

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Bugger... not you Don.
My memory is not as good as it tells me it is.
Here's a link I turned up.

I don't remember ever hearing of anyone developing Kodachrome outside of
Kodak until the K-14 process. As far as I knew that's when they began a
concerted effort to streamline the processing and reduce the cost of the
equipment so that licensing others would be practical. The $10,000,000 per
installation cost that I cited is a figure that I remember from K-12 days,
I'm sure that the smaller processors for the K-14 process were much cheaper.
On the subject of 3M, what do you know about the relationship between 3M
and Kodak? Was Dynachrome just re-badged Kodachrome or a different product.


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> Wayne,
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> No, no one else ever developed Kodachrome until very recently.
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> I'm curious to know what you mean by until recently?
> When I worked for 3M in 1980 we processed (tens of) thousands of rolls and
> reels of Kodachrome everyday just in one plant alone.
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