Re: Just the facts, Ma'am, Just the facts... Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued

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Date: 07/13/05-11:57:32 AM Z
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Subject: RE:Just the facts, Ma'am, Just the facts... Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 11:07:42 -0500

> The gist of the conversation was that currently there is only one
> manufacturing plant in Germany that is coating the baryta on the
> paper stock that ALL the paper manufacturers send them for getting
> their paper base which they then coat with their particular
> proprietary gelatin emulsions.

That's consistent with what I've heard in the past years, but I'm not
too concerned. Baryta coating is not that high tech (though by no
means easy---the method of grinding barium sulfate itself is said to
have a huge influence already) so a smaller companies could jump in if
this company gives up.

Also, RC bases are a lot better now than decades ago and I think it's
just a matter of choice for particular image. I don't hesitate to use
RC paper.

> I dunno, something to ponder for sure. And if paper disappears, will
> there be any reason to continue making film?

Anyone reasonably skilled in any branch of historical processes can
make silver gelatin printing paper. Same thing for camera plates, but
it's nice to have an option to use roll films. I've been making 20
inch square and 22x30 inch enlargements from 6x4.5cm negatives with no
visible grain, and this is a great option to keep.
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