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I made it very clear in my on-list message that political statements
are not welcome on the alt list, whether they come from the right,
the left or the middle. If there are any further comments on this
matter by anyone I will request that Gordon ban the offending party
from the list.


> As the commentary has continued beyond your notice to cease
>and desist and
>as I am assuming you have already notified them off list to cease and desist
>as Gordon has promised, can we safely assume that any further political
>statements from any of the arguing parties will result in them being barred
>from this list? Please advise to all of us on this list who joined this
>list to discuss alt photo processes and not politics and who are counting on
> Please check my website:
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>Subject: Re: OT, was (Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued? Good Ridence.)
>This left-wing tree-hugger will only say that if enough people purchased the
>products that Kodak is discontinuing so that it was profitable for them to
>continue, then Kodak would do the right thing to their shareholders and
>continue making the products. As AZO and certain other products have fallen
>out of favor to the point where it is no longer profitable to market them,
>it would be a disservice to the owners of the company (otherwise known as
>shareholders) to continue with them. IMO, this is very simple logic.
>Cheers -
>(who still has several hundred sheets of AZO in the freezer)
>--- Dave Rose <> wrote:
>> Dear Richard,
>> How curious that you selectively quote from what I've written yet totally
>> omit Susan's earlier derivise and negative comment about capitalism. Did
>> that make it easier to scold me?
>> Time after time, negative and inflammatory political comments are posted
>> this list, Susan Huber's comment: "Capitalism does not work for poeple nor
>> for the environment!" being a prime example.
>> Given the (apparent) politically left orientation of most contributors to
>> alt-photo-process, do you consider my views 'out of step' or 'politically
>> incorrect'? Should I not respond while frequent (and in my consideration
>> very offensive) anti-business, anti-capitalism, anti-Republican,
>> and anti-American comments are freely and continually posted here without
>> challenge? Is this list a free exchange of ideas and opinions or not? If
>> you are an official list minder, do you plan to also stifle the off-topic
>> political commentary that precipitated my response?
>> Best regards from Big Wonderful Wyoming,
>> Dave Rose
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