Re: OT, was (Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued? Good Ridence.)

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Date: 07/12/05-11:24:57 PM Z
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Dear Richard,

How curious that you selectively quote from what I've written yet totally
omit Susan's earlier derivise and negative comment about capitalism. Did
that make it easier to scold me?

Time after time, negative and inflammatory political comments are posted to
this list, Susan Huber's comment: "Capitalism does not work for poeple nor
for the environment!" being a prime example.

Given the (apparent) politically left orientation of most contributors to
alt-photo-process, do you consider my views 'out of step' or 'politically
incorrect'? Should I not respond while frequent (and in my consideration
very offensive) anti-business, anti-capitalism, anti-Republican, anti-Bush,
and anti-American comments are freely and continually posted here without
challenge? Is this list a free exchange of ideas and opinions or not? If
you are an official list minder, do you plan to also stifle the off-topic
political commentary that precipitated my response?

Best regards from Big Wonderful Wyoming,
Dave Rose

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> > Dear Susan,
> >
> > This kind of political commentary is off topic but not
> > unexpected for this
> > list. I've endured so much far left liberal nonsense on
> > alt-photo-process.
> > What about alternative photography attracts such wacky
> > thinking individuals?
> > I must respond.
> This is just not the place for such commentary. In
> addition the characterization contained above is guranteed
> to inflame tempers. Lets please drop this now.
> ---
> Richard Knoppow
> Los Angeles, CA, USA
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