Re: Kodak B&W Paper Discontinued? Good Ridence.

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Date: 07/12/05-03:41:39 PM Z
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I believe the poster is referring to Studio Proof paper rather than AZO.
 AZO is a developing-out paper (DOP vs POP).

As far as the other issue, my feeling on it is that Kodak simply chose
not to market these materials as well as a multitude of other
specialized products that were of highest quality (e.g., Ektalure
paper). Really, if it weren't for Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee, how
many contemporary photographers would know AZO ever existed? For that
matter, how many photographers are even aware that there is a difference
between a contact and enlarging paper or a DOP vs POP? When's the last
time you saw an advertisement for dear Ektalure?

Kodak chose to let the best of their product line die a slow death by
not actively promoting it.


>>> 07/12/05 4:42 PM >>>
>>>Late noteas I just got back from holiday- I agree with you but;
unlike youI have been upset with Kodak for a long time and refuse all
their products
except AZO paper which is made here in Canada.

I lost all fith in those people when they yanked the POP off the shelf-
although the POP is much better now!>>>

Clarify please. When you say, "I lost all fith in those people when they
yanked the POP off the shelf," are you referring to dealers not stocking
the paper?

I can tell you we never sold much AZO paper. We stocked the stuff, but
we did this because I used quite a bit of the paper in our lab. You
really cannot expect dealers to stock products they know they will never
sell. Can you?

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