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Date: 07/10/05-08:37:13 PM Z
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I don't recall seeing either, but I wasn't looking for those mind was focusing on the next step...which was kinda silly, considering the slowness of these exposures anyway! Chalk it up to a beginner's lack of familiarity.

Thanks so much for the curves and I will certainly check for solarization and bronzing next run of the respective processes.


Judy Rowe Taylor
Mukilteo, WA
Art is a voice of the heart, a song of the soul. or
> Judy,
> The cyanotype curve on the right of this linked image has worked well
> with me for OHP, traditional cyanotype formula, and prints on Cranes
> Kids Finish ecru.  You might use it as a starting point in deriving your
> own curve:
> I tried Burkholder's curve too and had to adapt it for my materials. 
> There is also a pair of curves on the left of the image for van dyke
> brownprinting if anyone is interested.)
> I also would repeat that solarization with cyanotypes and bronzing with
> POP are indicators of sufficient exposure.  Did you see these with your
> exposures?
> Joe
> >>> 07/10/05 6:17 PM >>>
> I used Dan Burkholder's template; adjustments to the curve will be my
> next step in the learning process, along with trying to figure out about
> the densitometer options on my scanners' software (I use either the
> Polaroid SprintScan 4000 with SilverFast Ai or an Epson 3170 to scan
> 35mm film.).
> Thanks!  JT
> --
> Judy Rowe Taylor
> Mukilteo, WA
> Art is a voice of the heart, a song of the soul.
> or
> > Judy,
> >      I don't remember that you mentioned using a curve on your
> diginegs--do
> > you?  The tombstone? marker? image looks like the curve needs
> adjustment.  I
> > say this because getting the curve nearly  right gave me the most
> trouble.
> > And I say nearly 'cause it isn't exact yet, but every time I think I
> have
> > improved it the prints turn out worse.
> > Charles
> > 
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