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Date: 07/09/05-01:15:28 AM Z
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Dave Rose wrote:
> My introduction to gum was from the chapter in Keepers of Light, and then
> learning the process from actually doing it. Scopick's book is helpful, but
> not essential. With the internet, the basics of gum printing is readily
> available on various websites. Gum printing is a bit like welding, you can
> only get so much from books. The real learning and expertise comes from
> actually doing it.

I deleted this thread last night without bothering to read all of the
responses, but this morning I thought I'd say a few words. But here's
Dave's post saying everything I was going to say. The only difference
is, I would have used riding a bike rather than welding (probably a
gender thing) as an analogy to illustrate the principle that you learn
gum printing by printing gum, not by reading.

I'd say you need something -- a book, a chapter, an article, a website
-- to get you started, but in my opinion it doesn't matter particularly
what that something is. Like Dave, I started with Crawford, and with an
article by Steve Anchell that used to be available from Photographers'
Formulary. When I came across Scopick later, I bought it, but since by
then I had already settled on my gum printing method, it didn't add
anything to what I already knew.
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