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Date: 07/08/05-02:35:51 PM Z
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IIRC there's nothing in that book you couldn't glean off the web either on sites like, the alternative photography website, or the list archives. Any modern text on alternative processes will present more or less the same information as Scopick's book though perhaps more abbreviated (which in this case is "a good thing" as Martha would say). It has been years since I've even picked up my copy but as I recall, I thought the presentation of material was a bit disjointed.

In any event, the way to learn gum printing is to do gum printing. Many of the techniques and materials recommended in texts will frequently generate more problems than they will solve. The learning is in the doing. Save your money and buy some quality pigments and paper and that will go a lot further in expanding your knowledge base.


>>> 07/08/05 3:43 PM >>>

Apparently Scopicks book on Gum is a 'must have!' if I'm serious about
gum. Before I remortgage my shorts can someone tell me why it costs
141.67 in the UK??? ( that's 250 bucks!!!) and only 100 dollars in the

Is there something truly awsome contained therein that makes it so
impossible to live without? That's an awful lot of money. Don't you think?

David H

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