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Date: 07/06/05-06:37:51 AM Z
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On Jul 6, 2005, at 3:31 PM, Barry Kleider wrote:

> Last week, I was shooting some welders.
> My ultimate goal was to shoot them with a Hasselblad and a 150 f4
> lens. (No internal meter.)
> Since these exposures are obviously tricky, I started with my Nikon
> D-1 and a Tamron 28-70 f2.8
> I was getting some decent exposures - nothing great, but certainly
> within tolerance for a first attempt. So I decided to switch over
> to the Hassy using the same readings.
> Since the Nikon was running at ISO 200 and my provia is 100, I gave
> it a full stop. I got the lab results today: $%#^$%. (Translation:
> way too dark and looks like s**t.)

to dark sounds like underexposure ?

may be your shutters are a bit out of sync. If the Nikon is a bit
slow your (visual based) reading will be a bit faster than what is
"correct", say additionally the Hasselblad is a bit fast on the
shutter, and you loose more light.

just a thought

> So my question is: what's the relationship between a medium format
> Hassy with a 150 f4 lens, and a 35mm Nikon with a 28-70 f2.8 lens
> (running close to 70 if not full on)?
> I assume there's a very straight-forward (though possibly hard to
> follow) explanation having to do with the difference in lens
> designs rather than a format comparison or a digital vs. analog
> thing (as my lab guy surmised.)
> Barry
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