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Date: 07/04/05-02:07:50 AM Z
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>Now you will need to go back to the hardware store and look for some
>hardware that looks sort of like a butterfly with a hole in the middle.

Bob -- Do you remember what these are called? Or better yet, do you have a picture of them????

I built my own contact frame from stock lumber that already had a decent rebate cut into it. I then had 3 mm thick glass cut to size, then I used 6mm mdf for the backing board. I got felt & some craft foam rubber to make up the gap. Now all I need to do is figure out how to clamp the thing & I'm all set to go -- as soon as the sun comes out again. (Very wet & cloudy winter here in Oz!) Light Box is the next big poject. LOL!


Sally Makeham
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