Re: Single coat Gum Print..Negative aspects

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Date: 07/01/05-01:31:04 PM Z
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Thanks to you all for your responses. I have managed to make a
successful(ish) 4 colour gumprint but with 10 layers of gum. That's not
my problem. It was, but not now. Now, with a print under my belt, I am
the best gum printer in MY house. Kay? My problem is when I come to make
a single coat print I think I get scared of over or under exposure;too
much or too little pigment;too much or too little potted dich etc...
My images are either too light showing background detail I don't need
and blown out mid to highlights or backgraound dark enough but mid to
highlights too dark also. My challenge is to make a print in one shot
which has dark background and glowing mid to highlight tones...
Many thanks to all of you. I shall NOT be beaten by this :-!

Loris, I have Burkholders book and it's really good. Good news and bad
news. Good news :- carrier arrived yesterday.
Bad news :- He lost the parcel. Turkiye burasi :-)


David H

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