re: gelatin yellowing

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Date: 01/31/05-09:45:45 AM Z
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I use the gelatin / glyoxal mix to sieze papers. I hang them to dry
overnight and soak them in water for 15-20 minutes next day. I had papers
(Fabriano Artisico) stored for several months without stain. Without the
final water wash the papers would yellow in a few days.

Beast Regards

Marek Matusz

> I am using glyoxal on the same papers without yellowing problems. My
> workflow is too print the canyo layer (usually 12 to 14 for the week). I
> then use three coats of gelatin and harden after the last coating (soaking
> the paper in gelatin). As soon as the paper is dry I begin the gum layers.
> It maybe the gum layers and washes take care of the yellowing?
> Best regards,
> Robert Cockrell
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