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A lot of snow, eh. You're a poor landscape photographer, then? Certainly no fun, is it,
living where, in Buffalo?

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> As to a discussion of Martha Stewart being off-topic...I beg to
> differ!
> I have consulted the index volume to Martha Stewart Living Magazine
> 1990-1999 and listed under "sunprints" is a reference to the May 1997
> issue, page 51. (I thought that I remembered an article on
> cyanotypes somewhere back there.)
> The volume in question is not immediately available to me as it has
> been stored in the special fireproof and blastproof archive area down
> in my cellar so that the wisdom of Martha may be kept safe in the
> event of any unfortunate catastrophe that might befall civilization
> and which will necessitate the rebuilding of a tasteful and
> well-organized way of life in the aftermath.
> It is, as we say, a good thing.
> best
> argon
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