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Date: 01/21/05-02:44:01 PM Z
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> From: Patrick Jan Van Hove <>
> Subject: Re: silver prints (Re: ULF photography)
> Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 19:26:34 +0100
>> Hm... Sounds familiar... A little Digital vs film, anyone ?
>> Nothing new under the sun, it seems... :)
> Hey, before making fun of me, what about those who work with wet
> plates, salted papers, albumen prints and Daguerreotypes!
> I don't agree with what Bill William said. Except for some very
> knowledgeable early pioneers people generally had hard time getting
> decent quality prints using silver gelatin for first few decades. I
> suppose this is what is reflected in the quotes in the Gerry
> Giliberti's post. Lack of experience among users is another thing but
> platinum prints looked better to photographers in those days.
Not making fun, just commenting on the fact that "new amateur stuff" and
"old professional stuff" has been in conflict for a while...

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