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From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/21/05-02:29:17 PM Z
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Practice would suggest this is not true, at least when one takes into
consideration the substrate. I have managed to get some level of fog
from time to time with several iron based processes, including VDB,
kallitype and palladium with working conditions where the possibility
of contamination was very low.

Now, if one accepts the theory that the contamination is possible via
the substrate this might be correct. However, the fog that that I
have seen in these processes is more often caused by the conversion
of fesidual ferric salts to iron hydroxide in an alkaline environment
than by the paper itself.

Sandy King

>I have posted the FOG in iron-based processes question
>twice without getting even a nibble....
>So let met use the Judy-principle and see if it really
>I have read that fog is not present in any iron based
>process as there is no mechanism for its occurence, except
>by exposure, or contamination which is easily avoided.
>Could this be true?
>Original non-Judy ;+) format:
>I would like to know if anyone can comment on comparative
>fog levels between the different iron based
>processes...any one have any thoughts, observations or
>better yet, hard data?
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