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"Sandy's already sent you some info on this, but I think the confusion
may be between a vacuuum frame and a vacuum easel. You may be thinking
of something that holds a piece of paper flat, either for rephotography
or for enlarger work."
                Eric... Yes! You hit the nail on the head. That's where i
was confused!

"A vacuum frame is a hinged piece of equipment, with a sheet of glass
facing up and a rubber membrane (usually called a blanket) at the
base. The sandwich of negative (or positive) and sensitized material
is placed on the rubber, the glass cover is brought down, and the
vacuum pump is turned on so that it sucks out the air between the glass
and the rubber, ensuring very close contact."
                    Ahhhhhhhh i see! Knowing that, along with what Sandy
                    about large negatives and diffused light sources ( both
of which
                    i will have ), i realize now that i DO need a vacuum

The next question i have of course, is can i build it, or will i have
                    to, ....gulp...., buy one? Seems i could use a large
vacuum easel
                    and add a glass frame hinged to it. Would that work?
whew... thanks so much.
susan (
Susan Daly Voss
lower upstate NY
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