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From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/20/05-06:44:56 PM Z
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anyway... i'm setting up here to make digital negatives with my Epson 1280,
both for UV and visible light printing.  I'm about to order transparency
film for the inkjet, and i'd like to know if THE stuff for doing that is
still the pictorico ohp and pghg. 

You want to order Pictorico OHP not the PGHG media. The OHP is transparent,
the PGHG is translucent making it much slower to expose with.

also... do i need to alter my 1280's pizza wheels?

If you use the Pictorico OHP you shouldn't have any problems with pizza
wheel tracking, other transparent substrates may cause problems such
Ultrafine Clear Film.

I would suggest starting with OHP. Once you are familiar and confident with
it you may wish to try other brands of transparency materials like the above
mentioned UCF. I do know one individual (Jeremy Moore) that has removed the
pizza wheel assembly from their 1280 to avoid the problem. This may be more
than you wish to deal with, but it is an effective way to eliminate the
problem. I plan to do this myself, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Good luck,

Don Bryant
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