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As I said before, Martha got months in jail, her male counterpart, Sam Waxel (sp?) got years in jail. How do you twist that into females are victims.

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> > Lying under oath is a crime. Its called perjury.
> >
> > George
> Oh, George, here we go again. The issue isn't the "crime" or the lie, it's
> the punishment. My point was that (the impeachment of Clinton for perjury
> about sex aside) the men who committed more serious crimes, including
> perjury and fraud, in which employees and investors lost their life's
> savings and pensions, have yet to see 5 minutes of jail. In fact a
> *male* columnist in the Times pointed out this very fact within the last
> few days. I should have clipped the article, but.... so many rights to
> wrong, so few hours to right them in.
> Judy
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