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On January 18, 2005 07:17 am, wrote:
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> > The Freestyle EDU products are reportedly rebadged Forte. I have heard
> > that the J and C branded products are, as well. Bear in mind that these
> > are both uncorroborated reports; however, a Freestyle rep was quoted as
> > saying that supply problems were due to Forte, so at least in that case
> > there is some likelihood it's true.
> I take it this means one can't get the Forte (either as Forte or EDU
> products) at either Freestyle or J and C. Right?

        You can get Forte at Freestyle for sure. It's just more expensive. I think
J&C also carries some product labelled Forte.

> I've looked in the Freestyle catalogue and can't figure out what EDU
> products are. Please bring me up to speed.

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