Re: a versatile surfactant that kills bubbles

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Date: 01/17/05-10:31:27 PM Z
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Ryuji wrote:

> That smells like AGFA-Gevaert...

No, I'm a Yank, and like most of that parochial breed, have lived in 'Murka
all my life.

> Should I try to send a manuscript with a formula (Part 1 through 6,
> with so many ingredients) to Photo Techniques and see how many new
> editors will I see before they call me?

I think that's way too esoteric for PT. Heck, their photochemistry
columnist, with a degree from Yale no less, doesn't seem to know even the
rudiments of most photochemical processes, judging by all of the off-topic,
incomplete, and outright wrong answers he gives.

Best regards,

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