Re: a versatile surfactant that kills bubbles

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Date: 01/16/05-06:04:58 PM Z
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I wrote:

>> (I almost always coat
>> commercial baryta paper

Ryuji wrote:

> If I do that, I'll get something like commercial papers of 20 years
> ago, so I don't see a point of doing...

> I don't know if you make emulsions yourself

After using some of the commercial papers of today, I'd kill for the
commercial papers of 20 years ago! (Well, as long as we're at it, make
that 20 to 30 years ago....)

Is there any other way? ;-) I've actually never tried any of the
commercially-available liquid emulsions. In the late '60s, I had some
military surplus dry powder emulsion mix that worked surprisingly well,
though I never used it for anything serious. For years, I lived next door
to the senior emulsion chemist for a major photo manufacturer -- he and his
colleagues helped my home emulsion experiments along with extremely
valuable advice and support.

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