Re: tempera interests

From: Alex Chater ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/16/05-02:57:17 PM Z
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Personally I use Ammonium dichromate for this process. It is faster. What do
you mean by mixed results?


>From: Tim O'Neill <>
>Subject: tempera interests
>Date: Sun, Jan 16, 2005, 6:46 PM

> I have been printing more tempera today with mixed results. I am however
> getting closer. Seems I had old sensitizer the lst go around so results we
> not there at all. Sensitizer will lose its punch. This was Pot Dich and 4
> mos old at room temp in a brown bottle. On another note for any printmakers
> out there. In expermenting with lupo I was curious if I could come up with
> a icc profile for it. When I ran it through my Epson I got the expected
> wheel tracks ect from printing on a pretty non- absorbant surface. I took
> that image and sandwhiched it with a piece of fine art paper and ran a
> brayer across it (just like a monoprint) and it transferred with really
> interesting results
> Tim O'Neill>
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