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Yes they do look for unpublished material, but if it really strikes a cord
with them, and the site gets little traffic, then I doubt that it would
matter that much to them. Publishing can be a volume business or it can be
just for the love of getting the information out there. Individuals are in
a much better position to do it for the love of it with e-books and the
services that you describe. Where as larger publishers have big bottom
lines and other concerns, individual writers/publishers can concentrate on
self centered motivations. How much does one really make from the publisher?
In many ways articles are free advertising of services. The potential for
teaching workshops, print sales, etc. from the exposure in the publication
one might argue, is more valuable compensation than the pay check.

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> > And here we see where publishing is going - Photo Blogs! At a very
> > low level, I see the forums on the net as blogs and good quality web
> > sites as a step up. There is nothing stopping any one from
> > publishing their articles on their own site. It can be in PDF form
> > or whatever.
> I agree this is a viable (and commonly used) option.
> > Then submit it to the mags for future review or paper publishing.
> I don't know about publishers that take forever to return a phone
> call, or make a phone call to a manufacturer for fact checking, but as
> far as I know "usual" publishers explicitly want the article be
> unpublished. That's the problem.
> Another option is to use an on-demand printing service. You send them
> a PDF file of the book, and advertise the storefront link. People go
> and order a copy with credit card number. They print a copy and
> ship. You get several per cents of that money. While it's not a lot of
> money, you don't have to feel like giving it away for free, and you
> don't have to pay for thousands of copies upfront.
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