Re: Submitting work on CD.

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Date: 01/15/05-01:54:53 PM Z
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From: Nick Makris <>
Subject: Re: Submitting work on CD.
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 05:44:19 -0800

> Depending on the recipient requirements, I prefer HTML. There are
> loads of programs (cheap, unlike Acrobat) and they allow for any
> possible layout with any possible resolution.

Purely as a matter of comparison between HTML and PDF, HTML has very
little control over layout and typography, while PDF is very good
these. HTML browsers may substitute fonts, size, spacing, etc. and all
these vary depending on the browser and user preference. Another nice
thing about PDF is that the creater can control whether you want to
protect your PDF file from being edited, printed or extracted (other
than viewing) for info by the recipients. HTML has no control.

If PDF is acceptable I'd go with PDF.

There are many free softwares that can create as well as view PDF
files. So there are a number of ways to do this without paying for
Adobe products. I routinely make scientific presentations using
pdflatex and ppower4, which makes PDF files that open in full screen
mode by default. Put it into an USB memory stick and I never had a
problem with power point glitches. Plus these files are also printable
as-is in virtually any platform.

Ryuji Suzuki
"People seldom do what they believe in.  They do what is convenient,
then repent." (Bob Dylan, Brownsville Girl, 1986)
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