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Date: 01/15/05-10:49:34 AM Z
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Thanks to all members of the list who responded. I would seem that the guys
at PhotoTechniques are not "gentlemen." I think I will not waste any more
time on them. Also I will let my subscription expire.

As to the idea of publishing on the web, all I can say is that with the
exception of scientific papers that I have poublished, for which one is not
traditionally paid, I have been renumerated for my books and articles ---
and rightly so. I did do a short version of some articles on special
processes for some web sites, but this is a polished and profusely
illistrated article which I am not about to give away free. Also, any
alternate process printer who writes to me about the processes I do will
receive a
response and hellp, if I can provide it. I don't give my artwork away free
except to friends and family so, why should I give this work away.

It certainly nice to be able to get free and valuable information on the
internet. I could say the same about this list, but that does not mean that
I am oblidged to give away everything I know. I spent
40 years of my life as a college professor giving information to students. I
was paid to do this and the students paid tuition to be in my classroom. A
former member of this list who I will identify as
Louis N. once gave me this advice, "Don't tell everything you know."

Best wishes to all,

Bob Schramm

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