Re: Submitting work on CD.

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Date: 01/14/05-04:14:03 PM Z
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From: Barry Kleider <>
Subject: Re: Submitting work on CD.
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 15:57:58 -0600

> Why a pdf instead of a powerpoint presentation?

Powerpoint is a proprietary data format and requires a specific
software to view it. PDF is more open and there are several options
for creation as well as viewing the file.

I would use JPEG files with a slideshow program (gliv, vueslide, etc.)
or PDF or both. PDF if very nice because the creator can have full
control over the image layout as well as typography.

Ryuji Suzuki
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then repent." (Bob Dylan, Brownsville Girl, 1986)
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