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I HOPE that Matt, Molly, Mark and Maureen Stewart would get the same. No

But, "when they call you a bitch, thank 'em."

At 04:23 PM 1/14/2005 -0500, you wrote:

>On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Jim Strain wrote:
>>Odd. I had pretty good experiences with Mike. Quick responses and
>>pretty quick publication no my two articles. Jim
>I had a quick response too -- a savage attack for my daring to suggest in
>a most adorable (and in fact complimentary) letter to the editor that
>there were errors in Phil Davis's article(s) on gum printing. Tho in the
>next breath he invited me to write an article on the topic myself.
>However, this, too was laced with insults, while calling *me* "reflexively
>nasty." I couldn't help observing that so far as I knew, up to that
>moment, I'd never seen an article by a woman in the publication, except
>maybe one on retouching. And so it went -- too bad he's not famouser: I
>could publish the file & make some ripples, if not dough. But that may be
>one reason he's not famouser-- too often shot himself in the foot.
>What's not as clear to a lot of folks as it might be is that in many (if
>not most) respects, men & women live in two different worlds. You might
>not even believe that this very list, in the early days, was much the same.
>How many people think Martha Stewart would have gone to jail if she were
>Matt Stewart?
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