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On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 Argon3@aol.com wrote:

>> Actually I hung out on 42nd street with camera til 2 & 3 AM during the
>> late 80s, when it was.... interesting.  Now the only danger is being
>> trampled to death by tourists from Illinois. If you don't count the
>> danger of having a stroke from the Disneyfication, that is.

> Oh, god...good! The laugh for me is that I'm from Chicago...in ILLINOIS,
> you'll remember...and I'm always bitching about the Disneyfication of Chicago!
> Blame it on another state, will you? I don't think that they're
> Disneyfying Nebraska...yet.

I only picked Illinois, because if memory serves that's Mark's home state.
I think the biggest single source of NYC tourists is actually Ohio.

Now imagine that the very day the US gov't report about the new food
pyramid appears in the paper (NINE servings of fruits & vegetables, etc.)
you walk into your local supermarket and see a display of extra
chocolate-coated Oreos topped with the slogan "bring home some love" (or
words to that effect). And on Tuesday, the news, in case you didn't know,
that infant mortality in the US is higher than Cuba and a few other
"undeveloped' countries. It's everywhere, even in Nebraska. Maybe
especially in Nebraska, unless you have your own farm and kill your own
bears. (Not Disney bears yet, AFAIK).

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