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> Please i beseech all who use photoshop to make sure your lighting matches
> such cases. It makes my HAIR HURT to see an image (and i've seen more
> a few), where the sunlight on the clouds is from a different direction than
> the sunlight in the rest of the image.

I'm not advanced enough yet to do clouds -- but I doubt that would bother
me anyway. Aren't we in Fantasyland?


                Well yes, you're right that if the INTENT is making fantasy,
then all's fair. I guess what gets to me is when i see a magazine cover
with a scenic landscape meant for mainstream consumption, and it's carelessly
photoshopped. That's just bad craft, and bad art direction. I hate to see
such low standards, and i wonder if anyone in charge even has a clue. ok, yes i
minored in graphic design, and it's still in my blood ;o) rant over.
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