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Judy... oh ye of little faith... do not give up yet! Rather than trying to
explain it myself (since i'm also just now figuring it out), go look at this
online tutorial for using the background eraser. It has lots of "stuff" in
the sky, too, but does a great job.
Be sure to notice that you have to select "discontiguous" in order to get
the tool to "jump over and around and betwixt" things like power lines and
Susan (
Susan Daly Voss
lower upstate NY
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HOWEVER -- I was so taken with Susan's description of the background
eraser, I summoned it next day. What I found was that it doesn't work
for my city skies: There's always stuff in the sky, thin or intricate
stuff, like power lines, or flag poles, or traffic lights, or guy wires or
scaffolding of
one kind or another. With the magic wand I can just click on both sides
and leave the line isolated. With the background eraser, the task of
isolating a thin power line would be impossible, or at best more trouble
than it's worth.

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