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I put myself on the phone with Joe. For one, sorry to have heard he's left
the magazine.

I queried the article before writing anything, then had it reviewed by their
technical experts, and did some more research to find I had some facts mixed
back to front. (Reversal color film 'layers' were reversed from what I
understood) and got everything straightened out when Cole Weston died.

Not that that would have had any direct impact on the article, but my father
passed away, too; then I got a TV series offer, a screenplay deal, . . .
business and sorrow proved to be a mix that left the article unfinished.

Joe did return the photos and article, which was packaged and submitted; but
mostly it was due to a personal rapport developed on the phone.

Call them, talk, make your voice smile, plea, be persistant. Don't threaton
or give up. But, don't let them get away with nothing.

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> There may be a jinx at Photo Techniques... Their editor about 7 years ago,
> Mike Johnson I think it was, in my experience was much better NOT to hear
> from. On the other hand, this new one is at least two editors down the
> line, a fairly rapid turnover, so they're probably dysfunctional. Or, to
> give a new editor the benefit of the doubt -- he may just be incompetent.
> Still, that would be a good article for them, so give them a chance -- no
> reason not to call.
> J.
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