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I am no Ansel Adams or Michalangelo but I do not copyright or mark my work,
either. It is protected by law and marks do not really increase that
protection. Three of my signed photographs disappeared from the storeroom
of a museum and appeared for sale on the Internet. I could easily prove,
by possession of negatives and records and handwriting on the mounts, that
the pix were mine and then spend a few years litigating. I have copyrighted
a book, but that's a different matter. Joachim
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  I've heard of people putting a small watermark in the corner of just one
of the color layers of their image. That way it is invisible yet can be
used as proof of ownership if needed.

  Michael Klemmer
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    From: Barry Kleider
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    I'm getting ready to send some of my digital images out into the world
and I'd like to at least protect my copyrights - even if I can't ensure they
won't be borrowed/sampled/ripped...

    Big dogs pee on a tree to mark their spots. What's the best way to mark
my images?

    I've thought about adding a visible text layer... That seems kinda

    I've looked at the digimarc website... Does anyone have experience using

    Any other suggestions?

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