RE: OT (?) Photoshop bummer

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/12/05-09:18:44 PM Z
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> When I do something like that (still improvising) I copy and paste because
> the paste lands on a layer & I can move the layer around -- at least until
> it locks, which it does by a whim of its own, so then I copy and paste
> AGAIN, etc.

This is exactly why I recommended Katrin Eismann's book. All of these tasks
are explained and made understandable. I have been very impressed with her
approach, the majority (almost all) of her book is geared toward working
with photographs not graphic arts.

In fact the chapters on making selections are worth the price of the book
alone. Sample images can be downloaded from the web so you can actually work
on the examples shown in the book which are very practical and apropos.

Don Bryant
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