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Many, including myself, believe Charis was to some respect bitter, because
she didn't get enough credit for contributing to EW's creativity.

Her story, however, provides some great insights into a dedicated artist, a
photographer of our time.

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> Com'n Steve - Charis could answer that. -greg schmitz
> On Mon, 10 Jan 2005, SteveS wrote:
>> I don't understand why Judy and others choose to rip Edward Weston.
>> He has a passion for photography, and only offered advice when he was
>> asked.
>> He was best known, by those of the now dead, God rest the soul of Frances
>> Baer who died last year. She was his housekeeper, friend and wife of an
>> admirer, her husband Morely Baer.
>> She said she'd always remember him for his Sundays. He's open his
>> studio, put one photograph on an easil, bres a pot of tea and entertain
>> visitors. Rarely would he talk about the picture, and his prices were
>> always affordable so the most people could own one.
>> His grandson Kim was surprised, and revealed that EW only made 25 prints
>> of his most called for picture, Pepper #40. Otherwise, he made very few.
>> the end
>> S. Shapiro, Carmel, CA
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