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  . . and, dang, Marilyn, it is one of those FAKE blogs stuck on the
web by those who know better.
Here is the infor from the Snopes (urban legends) site.

Origins: This is another photograph being circulated as a picture of
the tsunami that struck Indian Ocean shorelines in Asia on 26 December
2004, this one purportedly taken from atop a high-rise building in
Phuket, Thailand.

  This looks to be another case of any image depicting large waves being
grabbed and passed around as a "real photograph" of the December 2004
tsunami. We don't know the original source of this picture yet, but it
doesn't appear to fit its accompanying description because:
         It looks like something other than a photograph, such as a still
frame from a movie or a composite image.

         The waves that struck the coast of Thailand after the December
2004 Indian Ocean earthquake were about 4 meters in height, but the
ones pictured here look several stories tall.

         The skyline depicted doesn't appear resemble the city of Phuket.

         The traffic flow shown isn't right for Thailand, where motorists
drive on the left-hand side of the road.

On Jan 11, 2005, at 6:35 AM, Marilyn wrote:

Thank you for passing this image along, Jack. It is, indeed, scary.


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> Marilyn . . here is one of the scariest images of the tsunami I've
> seen
> Jack Fulton
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