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Jack Fulton wrote:

> Sorry .. I have nothing to say . . apparently it's from a friend of a
> person I know.
> It is in Thailand and, is of course, the tsunami.
Jack, it's a BAD fake...

1) The wave scale is completely wrong and the photoshop work is poor.

2) Ask yourself why such an iconic image didn't make any newspapers
around the globe...

3) CNN's Aaron Brown showed a few of these faked images. This was one
of them.

Consider yourself HAD.

Moreover, last time I checked this group had a STRICT NO attachments
rule. Has that changed? If not, why did you take it upon yourself to
violate that rule?

This is from Gordon's post regarding attachments in July:

"There are plenty of easy cheap or free ways of making images and documents
available without sending them as attachments through this mailing list.

If attachments were as small and as easily managed as plain text messages
I would not have problem with them. But they are not. They introduce
many problems that have no easy solutions. I think it opens a big
Pandora's Box.

The easiest solution to all these problems is for whomever wishes to
provide and image or document to take the initiative to put it online.
There are plenty of free/cheap ways of putting things online. Many ISP's
now provide free webpages to their clients. If the file is not worth the
effort to put online, then how can one justify sending it through the list"
as an attachment?


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