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Morely was a great guy. You had some great experiences, I'm sure.

He coined the phrase, I believe: The photographer takes the path of light.

Loved him.

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> The name of Morley Baer came up here. Some years ago he and I would get up
> many mornings shortly after sunrise and take our cameras out for a ride in
> his truck. He was never bitter but he related the many incidents of
> anti-Semitism he endured as an architectural photographer. The photography
> lesson I learned from him is contained in one word that he encouraged me
> to
> study as the key to photography: LIGHT. For those who might also care
> about
> the influences of Ansel Adams let me direct you to the January 2005 issue
> of
> Art In America for how the senior Alfred Stiegletz influenced the much
> younger Ansel Adams. Joachim
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> Steve,
> I certainly don't rip on him. I devote one whole lecture on EW every
> beginning photo class I teach. Whether I like his nude work or not--some
> I
> love, some I don't-- he was incredibly influential to the field. I
> personally find his peppers more erotic than his nudes. Not that nudes
> have
> to be erotic to be good, though, of course.
> ArtNews or Art in America (i get both) does an article every year of
> underrated/overrated artists. I always appreciate this article's
> perspective, whether I agree or not. Jeff Koons and Georgia O'Keeffe were
> two on the overrated list this time. I agree with the former, not the
> latter.
> Of course, logically, the only artists that will be labeled "overrated"
> are
> those that are talked about a lot. Whether EW is talked about a lot or
> too
> much is the question, as it is with Adams. Both are talked about a lot,
> and
> in my book, deserve it.
> I am all for talking about underrated photographers, too. Now that could
> start a whole nuther discussion.
> Chris
>>I don't understand why Judy and others choose to rip Edward Weston.
>> He has a passion for photography, and only offered advice when he was
>> asked.
>> He was best known, by those of the now dead, God rest the soul of Frances
>> Baer who died last year. She was his housekeeper, friend and wife of an
>> admirer, her husband Morely Baer.
>> She said she'd always remember him for his Sundays. He's open his
>> studio,
>> put one photograph on an easil, bres a pot of tea and entertain visitors.
>> Rarely would he talk about the picture, and his prices were always
>> affordable so the most people could own one.
>> His grandson Kim was surprised, and revealed that EW only made 25 prints
>> of his most called for picture, Pepper #40. Otherwise, he made very few.
>> the end
>> S. Shapiro, Carmel, CA
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