Krappy Kamera Show (I juried it)

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Steve S said:
<I simplys with to add what Edward Weston said:  A photograph should be
clear, with a unity of puriety from corner to corner, edge to edge - with

Well, I'll never claim to be a great artist or critic but when I finished with the 20 trays of slides I was stunned at the beauty and creativity displayed before me. It's not often that photographs move me so, but I gotta tell ya, I had tears in my eyes when I sat and enjoyed the winning entries.

Maybe Weston should have said that "a photograph should be GOOD." (And what the dickens is "unity of purity" anyway? Sheesh.) Lord knows we have way too many perfectly sharp photographs that could bore the flies off a turd.

Try to see the Krappy Kamera show at SOHO Gallery when it opens in March if you have a chance!

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