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I've avoided this thread (like a bad cold, but not the plague) for
lack of time and not having much interest in the definitions that
ultimately bubbled to the top. (I generally read K.Thayer's responses
after a topic has gone on for too long, simply to get a sense of where
the thing has gone due to her careful wording and clarifications..
like a mini-review of the whole thing). I love photography and its
many-headed offspring and thus began reading the 'original' topic with
slight interest, plus I have used crappy/krappy cameras for personal

Having qualified (??) why I've returned to the topic I have a brief
comment about the "Art" thing. We (artists) don't get to qualify what
is or isn't art, it is decided for a culture/society by other (some
current, some future) players in the mix; seldom are these players the
actual artists involved.

Atget didn't consider himself and artist, nor did he produce art. He
sold images to artists, but is considered one of the great
photo-artists in history. He is long dead and died without ever
controlling any aspect of his 'artistic' output.

In the end, do what feels right to you and cut the crap/krap. It's too
soon to tell if we are making art (and it is easier if we don't care
so much.)

big hugs, now go out and change the world (for the better, please)

-Darryl Baird

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