RE: Cyanotype Sensitiser Dregs On The Bottom

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Date: 01/06/05-09:55:43 PM Z
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My suggestiion is to strain the sensitizer through a coffee filter and throw
away the dregs.

Bob Schramm
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&gt;From: Michael Koch-Schulte &lt;;
&gt;Subject: Cyanotype Sensitiser Dregs On The Bottom
&gt;Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 21:43:33 -0600
&gt;OK I mixed up my first batch of New Cyanotype sensitiser. I'm still
alive so
&gt;that part went as planned. I'm currently letting it &quot;age&quot; for
a few days. I
&gt;looked at the bottle today and noticed an inky-milky deposit on the
&gt;When I'm coating paper do I want to mix up the contents of the
&gt;thoroughly to include that or avoid what settles out to the bottom of
&gt;bottle and take from the top?
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